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share your fruit is a boutique consultancy and creative studio bringing vision, direction, and design to emerging fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Founded in 2015 by Danielle Birrittella, share your fruit works with each client to craft a custom blueprint for every aspect of a launch or rebrand. Acting act as both a strategic and creative resource to clients at every point in the process, together we integrate inspiration, business objectives and storytelling into successful products and platforms.



Over a decade of experience launching brands in consumer goods and lifestyle companies,
to create both prestige and accessible collections in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle space.



Fine jewelry and luxury accessories are our hallmark. We guide the initial inspiration towards viable collections and call upon our extensive relationships between both domestic and international artisans and manufacturers. Understanding the viability of a concept or design and translating it into wearable art is a key aspect of the process when working with precious materials. Whether the aim is to produce 5 pieces or 5000, our intimate knowledge of the industry and the resources required to bring an idea to market streamlines the development process and saves both time and resources. 


Standing out in the ever expanding beauty industry demands that new products offer something innovate and efficacious. Unforgettable brand identity and exquisite packaging are just a piece of the puzzle. We have done extensive market research and developed both OTC and Cosmetic Skincare lines in collaboration with top chemists and labs in the U.S. utilizing cutting-edge ingredients in custom formulations. Understanding the various distribution strategies is key to a successful launch and we have had success in department stores, boutiques, social networks and on major television platforms. 

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We specialize in curating ready-to-wear and athleisure collections by pinpointing the most essential quality with which to tell a brand’s story.  We work with trusted suppliers to procure materials and manufacturing from ethical sources, both domestic and overseas. Every step of the process, from vision to launch, is designed in alignment with each brand's available resources and unique vision for their space in the marketplace.



A one stop shop for brand development.
We craft comprehensive strategies and welcome cherry picking too!


Market Research & Analysis

Sourcing Manufacturing
& Production

& Positioning

Distribution Strategies & Television Sales

Creative Direction
& Branding

Web Design, Marketing &
Social Identity

Product Design
& Line Plans

Social Impact & Charitable Partnerships


Danielle Birrittella

Danielle Birrittella is an artist and entrepreneur specializing in creative growth, visioning, design, identity and positioning. Her passion is guiding individuals and organizations to identify and access their unique offering, and helping them to develop platforms from which to share it.

With a dual Master Of Fine Arts and over 10+ years working at the intersection of art and commerce, Danielle supports entrepreneurs and businesses in the process from ideation to realization.

She has created multiple  brands and products that have landed on and in national retailers, magazines, and television platforms, including The Today Show, QVC, HSN, Nordstrom, Elle, InStyle and Vogue.

A native of New England, Danielle holds degrees from California Institute of the Arts and New York University..



We had a concept but Danielle had the skills to take the reigns and transform our ideas into a voice and an identity that paved the way for an entirely new market opportunity for our company.
While consulting for us, Danielle immersed herself in our brand and became a real part of it. She adds value with her ability turn a concept into a reality by creatively coming up with practical and unexpected strategies. She enthusiastically drove our project forward and was always available with new insight when we bounced ideas off her.
Danielle helped me get a clear vision on the direction of my line! She had an understanding of what I needed and how to execute it. As an artist, having someone to who can help direct you on the business side is invaluable.
In working with Danielle, her approach toward branding surpasses the traditional standards. I love how she evolves the process with a more insightful and reflective approach, capturing the true beauty of a brand and evoking it beyond my visual senses.
Danielle’s doesn’t just “see” the look, feel, and tone of a brand before it exists, she can actually manifest the vision in the real world! It’s so rare to find someone who can do that and a testament to all the skills she has as a designer and business person.
Danielle’s approach to brand development is both creative and extremely practical. She delivered loads of assets, information and relationships that put our new company on a fast track to launch.

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